DCP MASTERING: We specialize in the conversion and mastering of multiple Source formats (your Digital Source Master), any resolutions and most frame rates for all digital cinema content.

If you are filmmaker, producer, distributor or exhibitor, you may have run into the challenge of creating a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for showing your film, trailer or other work in digital cinemas around the world. Currently, rates charged by post production houses are so expensive. FilmOne can encodes and encrypt your content into JPEG 2000 standard to meet DCI/SMPTE compliance. With FilmOne DCP mastering, you get low-cost, high quality DCP creation. We can deliver most jobs within 48 hours of submission.
Our services

  • Mastering for DCI-compliant servers (JPEG 2000 and MXF wrapping).
  • Complete quality control of the master DCP in our screening cinema
  • Creating Supplemental DCPs
  • Conforming your film to 24 (or 48.000 for 3D material) frames per second
  • Insuring sound sync on conversion to 24.000 frames per second
  • HD, 2k, 4k processing including aspect ratio matching
  • 2D DCP’s at 24 fps and high frame rates at 48 fps and above
  • Formatting media drives to meet DCI compliance which causes ingest errors

 Information on project procedure
Before sending us your material, we will discuss with you what the best source material should be, encryption and any other special requests. Once the material has been delivered, we will create the desired DCP in several stages. Final quality control takes place in our own in-house screening cinema. Subsequently, we provide our clients with the DCP on a hard drive or to the cinemas. 

What digital formats should be delivered?
We can basically process almost any format.
However, we would prefer to be supplied with the following formats:

  • Audio: 48khz as Windows Waveform uncompressed (.wav)
  • Video: 1920x1080, 24fps as H.264, ProRes 422 or DNxHD or as picture sequences (Tiff, DPX)
  • Subtitle: 24fps (.xml, .srt)

What do we need to be aware of before editing?
Careful preparation is important, where applicable as part of preliminary talks (production consultation). Please provide us with the exact details of source and target format and the intended purpose. We will be glad to advise you!
Why get my film mastered as a DCP?

  • The industry standard around the world for cinemas DCP.
  • 100% piracy proof against your content.
  • Major film festival accepts film submissions on DCPs and many require it.

How much does it cost? See our low- low rates below…

FilmOne DCP Services (Feature Film)

DCP (Encrypted)

₦ 250,000.00

 Including master drive

DCP (unencrypted)

₦ 150,000.00

 Including master drive


₦ 5,000.00

 per key up to 10 keys


₦ 2,500.00

 per key for 10 or more

Nationwide Digital Distribution[3]

₦ 50,000.00


Hard drive rental

₦ 5,000.00

 per drive


₦ 65,000.00

 Maximum 3 minutes



FilmOne DCP Services (Short-Film)


₦ 60,000.00

 Film length up to 59 minutes

FilmOne DCP Services (Non-Film)


₦ 15,000.00

 30sec including hard drive


₦ 25,000.00

 60sec including hard drive

Digital Distribution

₦ 0.00


Introductory Film Package Deal!!! [1]

₦ 325,000.00


Package includes:

  • Encrypted DCP including master hard drive
  • 20 KDM's[2]
  • Trailer
  • Nationwide Digital Distribution
  • 6 x Hard drive rental

[4] KDM is a unique protection passcode used to protect your content.
[3] Digital distribution price subject to review as cinemas in Nigeria increase. This includes KDM management.
[2] Each additional KDM is 2000 naira.            
[1] Introductory offer can be withdrawn without notice.